Photo Duo is an iPhone application that helps you create diptychs.

Diptych Creation Process
What’s a diptych you ask? It’s 2 photos paired together. Why is it great? Because a diptych helps you tell a story in a single picture. Imagine a photo of a restaurant menu and next to it is a photo of the meal you ordered. That’s just the beginning, soon you’ll be pairing the grin on your face next to the perfect vacation sunset and on it goes.

A few things you can do with Photo Duo:

  • Create side by side comparisons
  • Show perspective with a detail and long shot
  • Portrait mashups

Simple 3 Step Process

So enough description, let’s take a look at the application. It’s real simple, the home screen allows you to choose to either take a new photo or to pick a photo from your Photo Library. Pinch and zoom to adjust the photo the way you like it, and then simply save your image – it’s that easy!